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  • New York University - Steinhardt

    Character, Community, Culture – Personified through an online orientation developed for NYU Students from around the world.

  • Florida International University

    "Advantage Design Group has been fantastic. They gave guidance on developing content and worked closely with our data integration people and systems. I definitely appreciated the staff at Advantage Design Group."

  • Aims Community College

    "Their talented staff of project managers, web designers, and programmers worked tirelessly to help us create an orientation that went above and beyond our expectations. They always came from a place of YES!"

  • Palm Beach State College

    ...We were amazed...Advantage Design Group’s project manager and creative team really helped in keeping the process moving to completion.

  • George Mason University

    "We needed to accommodate a growing number of topics, as well as several user-specific tracks. The technology allowed for trackable logins and it served up unique content by the school and student type."

  • Massachusetts Bay Community College

    Students with various goals come to Massachusetts Bay for a high quality affordable education. They are off to a great start with an interactive online orientation.

  • Wake Tech Community College

    Your video team is was clear that they were here to give us the best video possible and the commitment to quality was evident.

  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

    "Advantage Design Group was a stellar team to work with. ...The product allows us a great deal of flexibility which is a must for our organization."

  • Rutgers University

    Multiple user tracks for multiple user types – new students, transfer students, international students – all with a customized path to follow to receive their most relevant information.

  • Idaho State University

    Engages students while showcasing the beauty of their area, campus and activities available.

  • Miami Dade College

    Nation’s largest college, Miami Dade, survey reports that 94% agree that the Online Orientation information learned will be useful while attending MDC.

  • Temple University

    thank you...for coming to our campus. (Your videographers) were great – very knowledgeable and professional...and patient with our students!


Raising the Standard of Orientations

Connect & Energize Students, Staff & Parents

Be Efficient

New students can cover the basics of your orientation online before they arrive on campus.

Deliver a Consistent Message

Engaging scripts, video and text online ensure that each student hears the same message.

Get Automated

Integration with the school database to remind them about items they need to take care of.

Track It

Easily track student interests, comprehension and attendance in real time.

Clear Documentation

With the online program you have the documentation you need for student records and school accreditation.

Easy Access

24/7 the online orientation system is a valuable resource available all day, every day, all year.

Personalized Experience

Students can select areas they want to learn more about throughout the orientation and revisit them at the end.

Tell Your Story

Produce a success story for your school beginning with a positive orientation experience.

Change Your Story

Things change, and when they do, you will have the ability to easily update your online presentation.

Deliver Targeted Content

Your orientation is flexible and valuable than ever with information segmenting by specific user type.

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