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Advantage Design Group® is an award-winning multimedia design and software development firm based in Jacksonville, Florida. For nearly 20 years we’ve helped organizations show their story with a unique balance of creativity and technology. Today, our Advantage Orientation® is helping colleges and universities across America transform the orientation experience to engage new students and reach new enrollment goals.

The Advantage Orientation® is a cloud-based solution designed to support student orientation, enrollment, persistence and success strategies. The platform presents students with interactive and video-rich content; a digital resource, accessible any time on any device. Educators gain a suite of powerful and time-saving content management, analytic and reporting tools, all within one application. 

Advantage Design Group

We love the collaboration process.

When you choose the coaching, consulting and creative services you need to create your online orientation experience, you gain a team of digital designers, video producers and content developers who work WITH you. These management, artistic, communication and technical specialists are your dedicated production team. This approach leverages our diverse and cumulative skill set to unite behind your goals, align with your Brand, expand your capacity and guide you through production to launch a dynamic experience unique to your school.

If you have a stake in student success, recruitment, admissions, enrollment management or first-year experience, we'd like to invite you to learn more about what it's like to work with us then request a demonstration so you can experience the Advantage Orientation® for yourself.



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