Be Efficient

With Advantage Design Group’s Online Orientations, new students cover the basics online before arriving on campus. Basics like code of conduct, policies and procedures, campus safety - even Title IX requirements can be among the topics that can be covered in a pre-orientation online.

This means that on-campus orientation time can focus more on the educational planning and student life components of the student's experience. Now your students are less overwhelmed by information overload, and the on-campus experience is more enjoyable.  

Deliver a consistent message            

Engaging scripts, video presentations, and text online ensure that each student hears the same message all the time. No worries that various orientation leaders, advisors or presenters may place a personal spin on the information that can be misunderstood. This is also a great way to allow the school president to address each and every student through the use of an introduction video – sharing his or her wisdom with impact. With Advantage Design Group’s online orientations, you’re sending a consistent message all the time.      

Get Automated

Integration with the school database of academic records personalizes each student's experience.          

Our optional directed content tracks features can 1. Allow students to self-identify their profile when they first log on, or 2. Students may select the additional content they want to view.            

The first option automatically presents custom screens of the orientation to be viewed based on the student type. Advantage Design Group develops student tracks to ensure that each student is automatically sent down the right orientation path based on their student type. Students only see material that the administrators have selected as relevant to them.            

The second option allows different portions of the orientation to be viewed based on the student’s interest. The student has the option to go back and see other tracks at any time.          

Track it            

Easily track student interests, comprehension and attendance in real time.        

Our tracking and reporting feature allows each student to be monitored so that their progress can be tracked. Advantage Design Group collects information by student that tells you when a student has begun the orientation, how far through the program they have progressed, and when they have completed the orientation. The results can be easily exported into a report format. Now you and your students are accountable and can prove it. With the online program you have the documentation you need for student records and school accreditation.              

Report it                

Now you and your students are accountable and can prove it With the online program you have the documentation you need for student records and school accreditation            

Easy Access              

Access it 24/7. The online orientation system is a valuable resource available to you and your students all day, every day, all year. Further, accessing certain information directly from the homepage is a benefit unique to Advantage Design Group online orientations. This is a convenient visual toolbar on the main screen where students can quickly access important announcements, resources, and review items they need to do in a checklist format. (Announcements such as a welcome message; links to important resources; or checklist to-do items such as “meet with advisor”, or “register for classes”) The resource button includes the resource links as well as the students selected items of interest. These lead students to important resources that they can refer to throughout their college career. The announcements and checklist buttons show how many new announcements or checklist items there are that must be reviewed or completed.            

Personalized Experience              

Advantage Design Group personalizes the student experience with their name on screen once they log in, with items of interest that they select for access to more information at the end of the orientation, with memory return programming that returns to where they left off from any computer or mobile device, and with optional personalized certificates of completion.                      

  • Personalized items of interest. As students’ progress through the orientation, they have the option to check items on which they would like more information. Upon completion of the orientation, a landing page appears recapping the items in which the student expressed interest. Each item that appears offers a link to the school’s website, a supporting PDF or video link, for more information on the topic.
  • Memory return programming. Students may need to complete their orientation in more than one session. Advantage Design Group makes it easy to continue the process from where the student left off through our auto-memory return programming. It saves time and ensures that the student doesn’t need to start from the beginning if it’s necessary to exit before completion.
  • Certificates of Completion: Once the student has completed the orientation and passed any test you require, a customized certificate of completion is presented to the student on the congratulations screen. This screen includes a link to a PDF of the certificate. An email is also sent to the student congratulating them on their accomplishment, and the personalized certificate can be stored in a folder or printed. If desired, in the email that the student receives, you may also include an outline of the next steps that the student must take before arriving on campus. This is one more way that our student orientation provides efficiency to every step of your process.

Tell Your Story                

Your online student orientation is a reflection of your school. Students who begin with a positive, engaging experience are more likely to remain positive throughout their college years and produce a success story for your school.                

Advantage Design Group works with you to custom design your orientation so it speaks to the culture of your school and tells your orientation story effectively. Our creative team provides you with your concept designs for discussion. Each concept is custom designed to reflect your objectives, yet each one offers you variances from which to choose. We work closely with your team to ensure that the design you select, along with your revision, will make the right impression from the very start. Your custom interface sets the tone for the look and feel of your orientation moving forward. So we refine your selection based on your feedback before the next stage begins.                          

Change Your Story              

When things change, and they often do, you can easily update your online presentation with the appropriate information.              

Once your orientation is launched, Advantage Design Group provides comprehensive training for the administrator back office system in a one-on-one video conference. We cover all the topics you need to know to update your content, as well as the reporting features. And, we're available for any specific questions you may have once you have started using the system.              

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