Eastern Florida State College Q & A

Get answers to some of the most common
questions about online orientations!


Q & A Session with Eastern Florida State College

Question 1:

How many students attend your school and how many go through orientation each year?

Question 2:

How were you doing student orientation last year?

Question 3:

Is it correct that you hired Advantage Design Group to replace an online orientation you were already using? Can you tell us about the online orientation you are replacing and why you are replacing it?

Question 4:

Can you tell us what you liked about the Online Orientation Advantage Design Group was offering versus the one you were already using?

Question 5:

How do you plan on using your online orientation once it is complete?

Question 6:

Will it be a mandatory pre-orientation for all of your students to go through or will you be using it in some other way?

Question 7:

Once your Online Orientation is complete, how or will this affect the orientation that you do in person?

Question 8:

When you met with ADG, you indicated that you were giving students a choice to either come in person or complete the orientation online. When you gave students that option what percentage chose the online orientation? In your opinion, why were so many students choosing the online orientation as opposed to in-person?