Pitt Community College Q & A

Get answers to some of the most

common questions about online orientations!


Question and Answer Session with John Carrere

Question 1:

Would you tell us about Pitt Community College?

Question 2:

How many students attend your school and how many go through orientation each year?

Question 3:

How were you doing student orientation last year? Were all students coming on campus for Orientation and how long did they spend on campus to go through orientation? How often were you having your on-campus Orientations?

Question 4:

When and how did you discover a need for an online orientation? Will this be the first online orientation Pitt CC will have or is this replacing an existing online orientation? If you are replacing, can you tell us about the one you are replacing and why you are replacing it?

Question 5:

How do you plan on using your online orientation once it is complete?

Question 6:

Will it be a mandatory pre-orientation for all of your students to go through or will you be using it in some other way?

Question 7:

Once your Online Orientation is complete, how or will this affect the orientation that you do in person?

Question 8:

Why did you choose Advantage Design Group? We understand it took over a year before you decided to place your order with Advantage Design Group from the time they first did a group demonstration so can you share what made you decide to finally move forward with Advantage Design Group?

Question 9:

What are you hoping your Online Orientation will help you accomplish?

Question 10:

How have you found the process since you have placed your order with Advantage Design Group?

Question 11:

What made you decide to hire Advantage Design Group to write your copy and video scripts?

Question 12:

Would you tell us about the process of getting your copy and scripts written through Advantage Design Group?

Question 13:

What would you tell your colleagues about the ADG experience?

Question 14:

Do you have any final advice for anyone that is trying to decide who to hire to help them build their Online Orientation?